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If You're Tired of the Rat Race and Know That Building Your Own Business is the Way Out...

This is Your Roadmap to Launching Your Own Business Without Working 14-Hour Days

Discover the 3 essential parts to getting started, attracting customers and gaining your freedom.

"YES! I'm Ready to Join Be Cool Brand You!"

Maybe you're thinking others have been successful at leaving their job behind because they...

... magically operate on 28 hours a day, or they...

... stumbled across a plug-and-play "build your biz" secret app...

Uh, nope... or maybe you're thinking...

... a super-successful entrepreneur just handed their biz over to them, or...

... they're just not the type to get stressed out over anything...


Here's what's really up...

The Truth Is...

Your online business may never get off the ground even if (maybe especially if) you work on it 'til your eyeballs bleed...

Pay attention. This is important if you DON"T want to stay trapped in the 9-to-5!

Chances are pretty good you decided to build your own online business because you're passionate about helping others and... you want the freedom it can bring.

But that "all-fired-up" feeling tends to evaporate when you're staring at a blank computer screen in the wee hours of the morning and you just don't know what to do next (or first).

And maybe that dream of having your own online business is still that... a dream.

So... when you're "working" on your biz, do any of these sound familiar..

  • You're constantly in learning mode rather than taking action...

  • You spend a ton of time researching the software you think you need, so you can find the "right ones"...

  • You feel like you just don't have enough time, so you stay up half the night trying to make it work...

  • Self doubt takes over and you're not sure if your ideas are good enough, or if anyone will actually pay for them... 

  • The uncertainty of which way to go paralyzes you into a state of inaction. 

  • If you said "Yes" to ANY of those...

    Then you now know why you're stuck in the struggle of getting your business off the ground.


    Isn't It Time You Got Excited About Starting Your Own Business Again?

    Maybe you see your life being like this when you get your business off the ground and ditch the 9-to-5...

  • You roll into your home office full of energy, because you actually got to relax the day before... instead of staying up all night to make some progress.

  • You created a "buzz" in your niche and your customers are raving about you. 

  • You are actually helping your customers and clients improve something in their lives.

  • You feel confident and excited about building your business, even when it comes to the stuff that isn't one of your strengths.

  • You've moved past the tedious routine of the repetitive tasks in your business and you've gained the freedom you were dreaming of. 

  • First... take a look at the possibilities...

    The E-Learning Market is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025!!!

    Source: Forbes

    And now that you know there's definitely a market to tap into...

    There Are 3 Things You Need to Understand if You Want to...
    End the Struggle and Gain Your Freedom...

    Just like everything else great... your business needs a Solid Foundation

    We know... a business isn't built in a day. But honestly, more research and late nights aren't going to make it go any faster. 

    But what does make a difference is when you start with the pieces that make it so much easier to grow and scale your biz.

    It starts with what you bring to your business, where you see it going... and building the online structure where it will live. From there you build a brand around it all... one that will connect with the people that you are meant to serve.

    Attracting people and getting them to buy is the Framework of your business 

    You know your stuff and you know you can make a huge difference in people's lives, but that won't happen unless they actually sign up to work with you.

    And that might bring up some thoughts that you'll need to be a copywriting wizard or marketing genius to get any customers at all.

    But honestly, there are simple principles to communicating your message, creating a course that gets results for your students and then successfully marketing the heck out of it.

    Freedom in your business happens when you plan for it 

    Creating an online business does not guarantee you'll have the freedom you're looking for. You know... work when you want, where you want.

    But if you put a few things in place... that freedom is totally achievable.

    And while these things may not have you thinking, "Heck yeah, let's do this!"...

    ... Creating funnels, systemizing your business and leveraging everything you can, are all designed to free you up to do more of the things you want, and still generate more leads, customers and revenue.

    If you think that all this will happen by randomly putting things together, we need to talk.

    After all, you didn't decide to start your own business just to have another job... but you're just not sure where to start.

    That's why we created...

    The results-based program that gives you immediate access to everything...
    so you can go through it at your own pace!

    Create Your Freedom by Discovering:


    How to build a solid Business Foundation and then create a Cool Brand around that to connect with your Perfect Cool Customer. All the Cool things to put in place so you can build, grow and scale your biz!


    How to create an Attraction Message that connects with your market, and a Cool Course Roadmap that will deliver the results they want. Then learn to convert them to customers with Marketing That Sells. Yep... sales!


    How to Systemize Your Biz and use the power of leverage to Do More With a Lot Less. Then learn to build Highly Magnetized Funnels to create more prospects, leads and sales. 

    Keep your sanity... and create your freedom!

    Let's pause here to celebrate the fact that you made the decision to leave the 9-to-5 and start your own online biz!

    Now it's even more important to understand the steps you need to make that a reality!

    That's why our membership program...

    Is designed for you to have a Roadmap to follow in building your business!

    See What's Waiting For You Inside
    Once You Become a Member...

    Insert your text here

    9 Roadmap-To-Revenue Modules:

    Business Foundation

    There are internal and external things that make up the foundation for your biz. It involves looking back, taking stock of where you are now and having a clear vision of where you're going. But most importantly it's about understanding exactly who it is you're going to help, the results you can help them get and how you're going to attract them

    Your COOL Brand

    Get your brand in your prospect's and customer's minds by creating a memorable experience for them. It's about their journey and how it makes them feel. Create something for them to believe in and stand behind, and then you can decorate it with some cool visuals.

    Perfect COOL Customer

    While everyone is not your potential customer, there are the ones that are a perfect fit for you, your biz and your offer. When you understand exactly what problem they need solved, and what they want you to help them achieve... then you can craft your offer in a way that has them saying... "I want that!"

    Attraction Message

    Creating a message that engages your audience, and then turns them into a customer, is all about understanding what they want to hear. It starts by showing them that you get where they're at, and then... what it is you can do for them. Get them to dream of moving past their problem to their desired results.

    COOL Course Roadmap

    The key to creating a course that people want, is by building one that actually gets your students the results they're looking for. You know your stuff... and how to get them there... now lay down the map for your course so your prospects can see their success... and want to sign up.

    Marketing That Sells

    For marketing to work, it's important to consider a few things in your biz. That includes knowing who you're talking to and what they need, pricing and promoting your products, advertising, understanding the market and what value you bring to it. All of this is part of your effective marketing plan.

    Systemize Your Biz

    Time-wasters... like looking for stuff and manually doing things that could be automated. Get started on creating the systems that will eliminate those time-wasters and give you more time to spend on your revenue-generating activities. It's like putting parts of your biz on auto-pilot.

    Highly Magnetized Funnel 

    What makes a funnel magnetizing? Getting people to move through your funnel to become loyal customers is all about getting them a desired result at each step of the way. When they discover that you can help them, they'll be looking to get more of what you offer.

    Do More With a Lot Less

    If you end up doing everything in your biz, it's going to take a whole lot longer to get the results you're looking for. And there are so many things you can leverage to free up the time to create the things you're looking for in your biz... leads, sales and freedom!

    It's a Journey...

    Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of being reactive and random when it comes to building their business.

    In other words, you work on what you know or can find online... and put out fires along the way. So you end up spending a lot of time researching and signing up for bits of info that you end up forgetting about later. But...

    After completing these trainings...

    You'll have broken that "research - sign up - forget" cycle, and you'll be proactive and focused when it comes to building your dream biz... and planning for where you want to take it.

    This is the heart of everything you'll do in Be Cool Brand You. We'll teach you how to think like a business owner - from those all-important first steps to putting in place the pieces that will change your life! As in... work where you want, when you want!

    Stop the Struggle and Get Your Business Off the Ground TODAY!

    Still have questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

    Send us an email at: [email protected]

    BUT HOLD ON...

    Be Cool Brand You Isn't Just Videos and Exercises!

    We got your back with...

    The Game-Changing LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

    with The Coolest Couple..

    We created Be Cool Brand You to be the fastest and easiest way to go from hopeful to successful - from struggle to freedom.

    But we also created it to be the most supportive. So that's why Be Cool Brand You is delivered with Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls.

    Maybe you're just not sure... how to implement something, if you're going in the right direction, or how a particular solution applies to your niche.

    In other words... if you have any questions, doubts, uncertainties... or something isn't making sense...

    We Got You Covered!

    And to turn the support you get up a notch...
    You'll have access to...

    A Supportive Community of Entrepreneurs

    One of the best parts of Be Cool Brand You? Hanging out with other COOL entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group.

    Want some feedback on a course title or an ad?... recommendation on a software?... or even if you just want to ask, "Which color do you like best?"...

    This is the place to get a lot of your questions answered!

    It's also a great place to share your wins (Yay!) or to get an arm around your shoulder when things just aren't going as planned.

    Besides, who could pass up on meeting some amazing people who are on a similar journey as yours?

    We Have Some Extra Gifts For You!

    The 9 main modules of Be Cool Brand You will transform the way you approach building your business...

    But that's only the beginning!

    When you enroll in Be Cool Brand You, you also get...

    4 Cool Bonus Bundles...

    To make your progress even faster, your success even easier
    and the tools that simplify so much along the way

    BONUS #1

    Roadmap-to-Revenue Frameworks

    ($997 Value)

    To save your sanity and eliminate random sheets of notes in planning your business, you'll have an amazing selection of fillable "frameworks" at your fingertips. 

    Each framework is designed to work with at least one (or more) lesson so you're not left on your own to get to the results the fastest way possible.

    And the Cool thing? They're interconnected! For example...

    • Discover your perfect customer and turn that into your Million Dollar Message

    • Outline your perfect course and then drill down into the modules and lessons

    • Get really specific on your solution and use that to determine exactly what you offer

    And that's just a glimpse of the frameworks you'll have access to, so you can make the best use of what you've learned in the lessons and turn that into the fastest possible path to... yeah... sales!

    BONUS #2

    Essential Resources

    ($497 Value)

    ...The all-important supporting cast in building your business.

    Imagine having super-useful information at your fingertips, leaving you with the time to do more important things.

    These valuable resources include:

    • Visual Branding at a Glance (You know... colors, fonts, etc.)

    • Business and marketing calculators... so you know your numbers. After all, you can't improve what you don't measure :)

    You'll get all those... and more!... because we don't want you to spend hours upon hours looking for them.

    Bonus #3

    The Quick-Start Bonus Bundle

    ($497 Value)

    If you're just starting out... perhaps you don't know exactly where to start or what exactly is involved in creating your online business. Maybe you don't even know what you're going to sell yet... then this BONUS BUNDLE was made for you!

    We've included 3 courses that will help you kick-start your business into gear so much faster!


    The Essentials to Action Online Course

    This get-started course is designed to get you into focused action on your online business. All it takes is for you to get clarity and get started - your momentum takes over from there! Take the first steps in this BCBY mini-me course! (Includes Action Guides)


    Personal Branding Tools Course

    We show you the tools you'll need to create your own personal brand. No more wasted time researching and testing a ton of online tools. You can finally get to doing the things that are really important for your personal brand... using the tools that work for you!


    PB and Jam Course

    The sweet strategies that help you move past the "sticking points" in creating your personal brand...
    ... Find a niche that makes you stand out as the expert
    ... What to say to build the relationship and get them to buy
    ... Set up the systems to have it run "hands free"

    BONUS #4

    One-Page Action Maps

    ($297 Value)

    It's true... Action Brings Clarity and Nothing Happens Without Action!

    So... with cool online business strategies each captured on one page, these easy-to-implement action maps will get you from idea to action fast!

    Stop the Struggle and Get Your Business Off the Ground TODAY!

    Still have questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

    Send us an email at: [email protected]

    So... now that your path to getting out of the rat race is clear, you're probably wondering...

    OK... How Much Is My Investment?

    Be Cool Brand You is a monthly-installment membership program...

    It’s a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future!

    It's an investment that will pay you back for the rest of your life,
    by allowing you to make a difference in the world… with a business that lets you live the life you want!

    It’s a transformation that frees you from the rat race and lets you become a leader in your market.

    And when you weigh all that it will do for you and your future against the investment…
    it’s an easy choice!

    And because we’re committed to making Be Cool Brand You as accessible as possible, so as many budding entrepreneurs who want to, can use it to make their dream of escaping the rat race a reality…

    Until this Thursday at 11:59 pm PT, you can join us inside
    Be Cool Brand You for monthly investments of only $37!

    It's Finally Your Turn...

    Are You Ready to Build the Business of Your Dreams and Leave the Rat Race for Good?

    Most Popular



    (6 Month Coaching Program)

    9 Core Training Modules

    ($2,997 Value)

    Roadmap-To-Revenue Frameworks

    ($997 Value)

    Essential BCBY Resources

    ($497 Value)

    Quick-Start Bonus Bundle

    ($497 Value)

    One-Page Actions Maps

    ($297 Value)

    Interactive LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

    ($1,997 Value)

    Private Facebook Group


    Nailing Your Niche Bootcamp

    ($297 Value)

    Monthly VIP Sessions with Pat & Lorna

    ($4,997 Value)

    Exclusive "VIP Program" Material

    ($2,497 Value)

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    Most Popular


    9 Core Training Modules

    ($2,997 Value)

    Roadmap-To-Revenue Frameworks

    ($997 Value)

    Essential BCBY Resources

    ($497 Value)

    Quick-Start Bonus Bundle

    ($497 Value)

    One-Page Actions Maps

    ($297 Value)

    Interactive LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

    ($1,997 Value)

    Private Facebook Group




    (6 Month Coaching Program)


    The VIP Programs Includes Everything In
    The Core BCBY Program Plus The Following


    Nailing Your Niche Bootcamp

    ($297 Value)

    Monthly VIP Sessions with Pat & Lorna

    ($4,997 Value)

    Exclusive "VIP Program" Material

    ($2,497 Value)


    Who is The Coolest Couple?

    Hi! We're Pat and Lorna, and we have over 10 years experience working with online marketers and our own online courses. We have seen the inside of many different types of online businesses and we know what it takes to make them work.

    What makes us unique? We love to share more than one perspective on things. There's always more than one way to do something successfully and it's way cooler to go with what works for you than to blindly follow someone else's path.

    This Training is Right for You If...

  • You feel like you're constantly starting over again on building your biz, and you never make any real progress. Making any money seems like a dream.

  • You're capital-d Done with scouring the internet for online marketing information. You need to get out of research mode.

  • You're confused and frustrated over the multitude of online tools, and you don't understand which ones you need... or how to use them.

  • You're committed to getting your online business started!!

  • If you said "heck yes!" to even two of the points above... then you owe it to yourself to give Be Cool Brand You a spin.

  • So Let's Recap!

    When you join Be Cool Brand You, you get Instant Access to the 9 Roadmap-To-Revenue modules, videos and exercises that will transform you from being trapped in the rat race to becoming a successful entrepreneur. (Value: $2,997)

    Plus You Get...

  • All the Roadmap-To-Revenue Frameworks to get you on the fast-track to building your business.

    (Value: $997)

  • Live Monthly Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions, clear up your doubts and keep you motivated and on track!

    (Value: $1,997)

  • The Essential Resources so you have key tools at your fingertips to get more done… faster!

    (Value: $497)

  • One-Page Action Maps… so you’re taking action on building your biz instead of researching and reading.(Value: $297)

  • Plus you’re getting the Quick-Start Bonus Bundle!(Value: $497)

  • That makes everything you get worth well over $7,000

    ($7,282 to be exact)

    So Now It’s Time for You to Make
    One of Two Choices...

    The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing… then nothing changes.

    But if you already know that you’re done with that job and the rat race, and that creating your own online business is your way out, then your choice is obvious… join us inside Be Cool Brand You. Start your transformation from that employee to the successful entrepreneur you’re meant to be.

    Simply click the button below and we’ll be waiting for you inside!

    But if you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap… let us share one last thought with you… Maybe you’re thinking…

    “It all sounds great, but I just don’t have the money, energy or time right now”

    … then you’re not making any choice at all. You’re letting your circumstances make the choice for you. And as you know by now, that’s not how a freedom-loving entrepreneur operates.

    Greatness and success don’t care about your circumstances.

    Success always finds a way… Greatness always plays a way bigger game.

    That’s what entrepreneurs who are living the life of their dreams understand. And now, so do you.

    But CHOOSE Quickly!

    Because the registration period won’t be open forever…

    Enrolment in Be Cool Brand You is only open for a few short days. After that it will be a while before you’ll have a chance to join again.

    You'll miss out on the chance to transform yourself and your life.

    You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right roadmap and with the right support, you can transform your life and the lives of others in the world. And we’ll be there with you along the way.

    So don’t waste months dreaming about what could be…

    Join Us Now and Make Your Dreams a Reality!

    Stop the Struggle and Get Your Business Off the Ground TODAY!

    Still have questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

    Send us an email at: [email protected]

    Because We Give a FAQ...

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions...

    What if I don't know what business I want to start?

    That's perfectly fine. In the course we go through ways to notice what businesses are currently in demand and how to find what business "speaks" to you. You definitely don't need to have it all figured out up front.

    What if I don't like to sell?

    We cover this in the course. Once you see marketing in a different light, you will have no problem promoting your product or services and you'll feel confident in asking for the sale.

    How do I know if people will buy from me?

    There are several factors in determining if people will buy from you. While there are no guarantees, we do cover ways to determine if there is a demand for what you offer and how to have your marketing "speak" to your audience so they see the value you provide.

    There are so many online tools out there, how do I know which ones to use?

    We get it... choosing which online tools you're going to use can be confusing. And you don't have the time to learn how to use a ton of software just to find out that you don't like them, or that you just can't make them work at all. Inside Be Cool Brand You we draw on our extensive experience with "A LOT" of different software and other online tools to let you know which ones you'll need right away, which ones you can wait 'til later to get... and some cool recommendations.

    Will I learn about creating cool graphics?

    How could we leave out this cool part of building your personal brand? Yes, we talk about all the different parts of your visual branding (colors, fonts, images...) and we even have resources you can use to make it easy to create some amazing visuals. After all, they are a part of what will attract your perfect customer.

    Is this a 6 or 7-figure strategy?

    There are a multitude of 6 or 7-figure strategies being offered online to the point where it is nauseating. Seriously, just having the strategy that worked for someone else doesn't guarantee you'll make the same amount of money as they did. Your business is different than theirs - what worked for them may not work for you. Yes, you can use a proven system, you just have to tweak it to make it work for you. We cover many proven principles and strategies that if implemented will definitely help your business along. But aside from that, it's all about consistently testing - finding out what works - and adjusting as needed.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    We stand by our products. We want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us as your coach and teacher. Therefore, you can cancel your membership at any time. When you cancel your membership you lose all access to the membership and all other resources associated with Be Cool Brand You. You will not be billed for your next payment (and any subsequent payments) after you cancel. There will be no refunds for previous monthly investments.

    If you paid in full, we offer a 30-day refund period (100% conditional money-back guarantee) when you show you've done the work inside at least one module of the program. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Click Here to Get Started NOW!

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