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If you're done with the struggle and overwhelm that stops you from launching Your profitable Online Business...

... Then it's time for YOU to Rise as a
Re-Invented Entrepreneur!

Why Your Online Business May Never Get Off The Ground No Matter How Much You Work At It...

Pay attention. This is important if you DON"T want to stay trapped in the 9-to-5!

Most people who dream of starting their own profitable online business are stuck in a situation that keeps that dream just beyond their reach.

What situation is that?
First, let us ask you this...

If your online business is currently still a dream, do any of these apply to you?

  • You're constantly in learning mode rather than taking action...

  • You spend a ton of time researching the software you think you need to find the "right ones"...

  • You feel like you just don't have enough time, so you stay up half the night trying to make it work...

  • Self doubt takes over and you're not sure if your ideas are good enough, or if anyone will actually pay for them... 

  • The uncertainty of which way to go paralyzes you into a state of inaction. 

  • If one (or more) of those apply to you...

    It's Time to Break Free from Being the Struggling Start-Up Entrepreneur

    Seriously... how much Time and Money can you afford to lose staying stuck in that situation?

    As long as you stay there, this is what happens:

  • You piece things together with what you can find 

  • You second guess everything you do 

  • You get sidetracked with all those other cool things on the internet, and

  • Your online business stalls and you lose momentum... 

  • Maybe to the point that you just quit!

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action"

    - Tony Robbins

    Think It's Too Late to Start Your Online Business?
    Think Again...

    The E-Learning Market is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025!!!

    Source: Forbes

    Now That You Know the Time is Right...

    Here's How to Prevent Your Dream Biz from Turning to Dust...

  • Drop the "I'll find it somewhere" way of learning 

  • Find an all-inclusive resource geared towards starting an online business 

  • Learn it... do it... get into action-taking mode 

  • From There You'll Discover...

    Creating your online business is an enjoyable experience!

    And you'll also find:

  • You have clarity on where you're going 

  • There's consistency to your message 

  • You understand who you are helping and what they're looking for 

  • Once online... you get noticed 

  • People will see the value in your offer and will buy from you! 

  • But... Getting There on Your Own is Harder Than You Think!

    More research, more late nights and more software won't get your business launched, it'll just keep you stuck as a Struggling Start-Up Entrepreneur.

    The Re-Invented Entrepreneur understands that it's all about applying proven principles - not fancy tactics, funnels or software - that will move them to success.

    We're here to help you transform from the Struggling Start-Up Entrepreneur to the Re-Invented Entrepreneur with...

    Create Your Transformation by Discovering:


    Getting YOU in the Game

    How your Mindset affects your business, how to "see" business opportunities and getting clear on what business you really want to start.


    YOUR Business Identity

    What Branding really is, how to communicate your brand to your market and yep, brand graphics.


    Saving YOUR A$$

    Why Systems are critical to your business success, where to put stuff so you can find it and the digital tools that help you keep your sanity.


    Creating YOUR Message

    What your Message is, how to create it and where to share it so your market sees it and connects to it.


    Getting YOU Out There

    The Marketing side of Online Marketing... making sense of all the parts and how you get them to work together for your business success!


    Doing MORE with LESS

    How to use Leverage to free up your time for the important things in your business and some of the online resources you can use to get you there.

    Get Online - Get Noticed!

    Mindset for Business Success!

    You're not starting your business just so you end up with another job where you count the days to the weekend... or retirement. Asking the right questions leads you to finding a business you love, that you'll put your heart into and that focuses on a niche that sells! Getting into the wrong business is a recipe for disaster.

    Match Your Message to Your Market

    Your market sees and hears an insane amount of messages every single day. Make it clear as to how you can solve THEIR problem and how you're not just another one like the other ones. Study your market, plan your business and then put it out there in a way that your audience sees it and understands the value it has for them. That's when they buy!

    Your Brand is Your Customer Experience

    Get your brand in your prospect's and customer's minds by creating a memorable experience for them. It's about their journey and how it makes them feel. Create something for them to believe in and stand behind, and then you can decorate it with some cool graphics.

    Use Systems and Leverage to Focus on the Important Things

    By creating systems and leveraging resources you free up your time to focus on the important things in your business. Your business' growth and success depends on you doing what you do best.

    Here's everything you get with the "Be Cool Brand You" training...


    Entertaining and educational videos of the 6 "Be Cool Brand You" modules.

    Group Coaching

    6 LIVE Business-Building Coaching Sessions for the support, clarity and answers you need.

    Study Guides

    A recap of all the modules in a pdf format for your quick reference and review.

    Brand Graphics

    Brand Graphics at a Glance. A quick reference of the colors, fonts and image/picture sources for you t o create your brand graphics.

    Customer Avatar Worksheet

    A fill-in-the-blanks worksheet designed for you to get a clear picture of "who" your ideal customer is.

    Detailed Resources Mind Map

    A mind map of the online tools and resources for your online business. Some you'll need right away, some later and some are just plain cool to have.

    The Game-Changing LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with The Coolest Couple...

    We DO NOT buy into the "give you a course and walk away" method of teaching. We want you to have the support you need to fulfill your online business dream without the struggle.

    If you have any questions, doubts, uncertainties... or something isn't making sense... we've got you covered.

    Here's a quick rundown of our Coaching Sessions:

    LIVE Session #1

    What is REALLY Getting in the Way of Your Success

    LIVE Session #2

    The 90-Day Approach to Getting Things Done

    LIVE Session #3

    Why so Many Courses and Memberships Don't Sell

    LIVE Session #4

    How to Create Demand for Your Offers Before You Sell

    LIVE Session #5

    How to Work Less and Make More (Yes... Really!)

    LIVE Session #6

    How to Put an End to the Repeating Task Cycle

    We've Also Added These Cool Bonuses:

    The Essentials to Action Online Course

    Our kick-start online course designed to get you into focused action on your online business. All it takes is for you to get clarity and get started - your momentum takes over from there! (Includes Action Guides)

    Personal Branding Tools Course

    We show you the tools you'll need to create your own personal brand. No more wasted time researching and testing a ton of online tools. You can finally get to doing the things that are really important to your personal brand... using the tools that work for you!

    PB and Jam Course

    The sweet strategies that help you move past the "sticking points" in creating your personal brand...
    ... Find a niche that makes you stand out as the expert
    ... What to say to build the relationship and get them to buy
    ... Set up the systems to have it run "hands free"

    One-Page Action Maps

    With cool online business strategies each captured on one page, these easy-to-implement action maps get you from idea to action fast!

    Release the parking brake and get your online business moving forward... register today for "Be Cool Brand You" with the Coolest Couple

    Choose Your Path...

    Are You Ready to Build the Profitable Business of Your Dreams?

    Be Cool
    Brand You

  • 6 Modules + Resources

  • Coaching Calls

  • Essentials to Action

  • Personal Branding Tools

  • PB and J Course

  • One-Page Action Maps

  • $497*

    One-Time Payment
    *Founding Members Pricing


  • 6 Modules + Resources

  • Coaching Calls

  • Essentials to Action

  • Personal Branding Tools

  • PB and J Course

  • One-Page Action Maps

  • 12-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Exclusive "Mentorship Program" Material

  • $1997

    One-Time Payment

    Who is The Coolest Couple?

    Hi! We're Pat and Lorna, and we have over 10 years experience working with online marketers and our own online courses. We have seen the inside of many different types of online businesses and we know what it takes to make them work.

    What makes us unique? We love to share more than one perspective on things. There's always more than one way to do something successfully and it's way cooler to go with what works for you than to blindly follow someone else's path.


    We stand by our products. We want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us as your coach and teacher, and therefore, we offer a 30-day refund period (100% conditional money-back guarantee) when you implement everything in our course(s). Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

    This Training is Right for You If...

  • You've already wasted way too much time searching for online marketing information.

  • You're confused and frustrated over the multitude of online tools and you don't understand which ones you need and how to use them.

  • You're committed to getting your online business started!!

  • It's time to get your business idea online... with "Be CoolBrand You"


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions...

    What if I don't know what business I want to start?

    That's perfectly fine. In the course we go through ways to notice what businesses are currently in demand and how to find what business "speaks" to you. You definitely don't need to have it all figured out up front.

    What if I don't like to sell?

    We cover this in the course. Once you see marketing in a different light you will have no problem promoting your product or services and feel confident in asking for the sale.

    How do I know if people will buy from me?

    There are several factors in determining if people will buy from you. While there are no guarantees, we do cover ways to determine if there is a demand for what you offer and how to have your marketing "speak" to your audience so they see the value you provide.

    There are so many online tools out there, how do I know which ones to use?

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Will I learn about creating cool graphics?

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Is this a 6 or 7-figure strategy?

    There are a multitude of 6 or 7-figure strategies being offered online to the point where it is nauseating. Seriously, just having the strategy that worked for someone else doesn't guarantee you'll make the same amount of money as they did. Your business is different than theirs - what worked for them may not work for you. Yes, you can use a proven system, you just have to tweak it to make it work for you. We cover many proven principles and strategies that if implemented will definitely help your business along, but aside from that it's all about consistently testing - finding out what works - and adjusting as needed.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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